Computational Electromagnetics


Theory of electromagnetic fields

  • Spherical-multipole analysis of electromagnetic fields
  • Tip diffraction: Scattering by a semi-infinite elliptic cone (DFG)
  • Uniqueness of scalar and electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

  • Statistical EMC: Analysis - Modelling - Consequences
  • Charaterization of shielding structures
  • Measurement procedures of radiated emission

Computational Electromagnetics

  • Multipole-based near-to-far-field transformation for FDTD (DFG)
  • Multipole interface for numerical methods

New approaches for the bio-magnetic problem (DFG - SFB 855)

  • Unique reconstruction of bio-magnetic sources
  • Robust multipole-based reconstruction algorithms
  • Modelling of magnetocardiographical sources